DIVE BVI Paper Print


8″ x 12″ Fine-Art Paper Velvet
1/2″ Extra Border added
Black Presentation Mat Folder
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DIVE BVI Photo Print


This DIVE BVI paper print will bring you and your guests to the British Virgin Islands boutique on the beach. Get ready to grab your gear and and go. Your Dive BVI paper print comes in the following configuration and specifications:

Note, an extra one half border will go around the photo. This means the actual sheet size of the paper will be a total of 1 inch larger than the width and height of the print.
8″ x 12″ Fine-Art Paper Velvet
1/2″ Extra Border added
Fine Art Paper Velvet

Officially Moab’s Somerset Enhanced Velvet, this paper was previously labeled by FinerWorks simply ‘Fine Art Paper’. This popular paper is also distrubuted under the brands Epson Somerset Velvet and Canon Fine Art Enhanced Velvet. This textured paper favored by artists and photographers alike is milled by the St. Cuthberts Mill in Somerset, England. It is an acid-free, 100% cotton, single-side coated paper showing a natural white finish with a slightly textured matte surface has a soft velvet-like feel. A high-quality, mould-made paper, it is ideal for digital fine art reproductions. We now print this on Canon Printers using the Canon Lucia inks due to their superior archivability and increased color range.

How to care for your fine art paper print

Rule #1: Don’t Touch The Printed Area

Handle With Gloves

Keep It Cool, Dry & Shady


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