How can I help you grow your Brand, Audience, and Business?

Tammy Lechner Photography in New Braunfels, Texas during daytime

“Hey, y’all! I’m Tamara, but most people just call me Tammy. I’m a born and raised Texas girl through and through. Some of the things I love include: spending time with family, listening to live music, traveling to new places, art, sailing, bluebonnets, and of course, photography. Thus, Tammy Lechner Photography Services not only makes sense, but it’s also something I am committed to. 

When it comes to my photography, I’m passionate about creating an image that has a message and makes people truly feel something. I don’t want just another dull stock image. I want my photos to evoke real emotion in those who see them. View some examples of my photo art

I am also passionate about helping individuals and businesses with branding. stunning headshots and portrait photography capture the personality and culture of a business. 

View some examples of headshots here. You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see other personal work from Tammy Lechner Photography Services.

What Lights Me Up…

I have found throughout my life that having a camera in my hand and seeing the world, people, places, and God’s beauty all around me through my lens brings me closer and a wider angle and perspective. Journeying with entrepreneurs and Businesses, experiencing their growth, struggles and accomplishments provide us a more unique perspective, knowledge, and inspiration. 

About-Tammy-Lechner Professional Photographer in Texas at night

If I could do anything in the world and get paid for it, what would it be?

TLP with camera at Sunset

That is the Nugget for me and when it all comes together and I get paid, well, that Blesses me. I see the investment in your business and appreciate all of my clients. Tammy Lechner Photography is all about working with others to help build their business and achieve their success! 

New adventures are always waiting, right around the corner and sometimes roads less traveled have been my office. 

Be watching for those images as I am finding so much calm in the chaos of this pandemic and am compelled to share with anyone that sees and appreciates the beauty all around them. I would love to share with you an image that will complement a space in your home, office, and/or establishment.