Comal County Canvas Print


Canvas print of Comal County Jail Plaque on Limestone

30″ x 14″ Canvas
Thick Gallery Wrapped
Black Archival Backing
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Comal County Jail Plaque on Limestone Canvas print

A canvas print is an elegant way to display your favorite photo and bring out the vibrant colors of your images while imparting a unique texture to your wall art.

Comal County metal plate to commemorate the previous jail that was located in the historical limestone Courthouse where inmates were housed from 1939-1985.

30″ x 14″ Canvas print
Artisan Archival Canvas
Thick Gallery Wrapped
Black Archival Backing


Artisan Archival Canvas

Our most affordable canvas prints use the high quality Artisan Canvas by Breathing Colors. Images are printed with archival grade Epson Ultrachrome GSX inks. The finished print has a sating (low glass level) appearance ideally suited for both art reproductions and photographs. The superior poly/cotton blend, 2-over-1 canvas is specially engineered to create beautiful prints providing a wide color gamut, exceptional contrast with a consistent canvas texture. Due to the durable nature of the inks, prints are both scratch and smudge resistant without the need to be coated.

How to care for your canvas prints

It’s easy to keep your canvas print looking vibrant and new for years to come. Just make sure to place your artwork carefully and use only gentle cleaning techniques to prolong its life. With proper care, you can genuinely enjoy it for a whole lifetime.


1. Avoid direct sunlight

Hanging your canvas print in a well-lit area of your home can bring out its colors, especially if its a sweeping landscape or a bold artwork.

2. Cool and dry is best

In addition to avoiding direct sunlight, you’ll want to think about temperature and humidity when deciding where to hang your artwork. Cool and dry conditions are best, since heat and moisture can cause your canvas to stretch over time.

3. Dust, don’t rub

Like any fixture in your home, canvas can collect dust and cobwebs over time. When it’s time for a cleaning, use a feather duster to wipe off the surface of the print. Never rub the print with your fingers or nails to remove dust or other debris, since that can scratch the print material.



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